I Fixed that Annoying Apron

Two things annoyed me about this good quality apron: (1) the adjustable neck strap and just the fact that there was a strap around my neck at all, and (2) the back ties. I hated putting that neck strap over my head and then having to adjust it so that the bib was high enough to protect my clothes, leaving a big length of strap hanging in front and getting in the way. Okay, tying the back ties was not that annoying, but I liked them rather loose and sometimes had to re-tie them (whine). What I really wanted was a criss-cross set of straps with no tying or adjusting, so I took off the neck strap and just brought each tie to its opposite shoulder and over to the front and sewed it where the strap had been. Voila! Now it just goes over my head and hangs at—who would have believed it!—just the right spot and looseness. Here it is on my dress form in front of a mirror, so you can see both sides:

One thought on “I Fixed that Annoying Apron


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