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I have a PhD in American Literature and taught in higher education for over twenty years, directed one Center for Instructional Technology for 3 years, then worked in a similar position at another school for 5+ years. My special interests were in visual rhetoric, blogging, wikis for collaboration, virtual worlds in education, digital storytelling, and digital humanities.

I would call myself a food hobbyist, not an amateur or aspiring chef or even a foodie, just someone who enjoys much of the making of food. I am not a food snob. I enjoy making and eating all sorts of foods, from homey comfort foods to classic dishes. I’ve been cooking and collecting recipes, many on handwritten slips of paper, for at least 50 years, and it might take me that long to get to all of them.

I named this site Kitchen Portfolio because it was the first name I tried that wasn’t taken after about five tries, and it was a happy accident, because that name really does suggest what I’ll be doing on this site. Retired from higher education, I have an archived site that is an unfinished example of a portfolio of my professional life, Barbara L. Pittman, PhD .

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