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What If You Made A New Category And Forgot To Use It?

You go back and add it where it belongs.

So, I made the new category for grilling, and promptly forgot to use it most of the time. Fixed.

Cookie Fail

These cookies went into the trash so fast that I didn’t even get a pic of them, which is too bad, because they looked deceptively good.

I tried some shortbread with almond flour instead of wheat flour and agave syrup instead of honey or sugar, lots of butter and vanilla for flavor. It seemed like a good idea if it worked, replacing all those high-glycemic carbs, but still getting a cookie. The “dough” was very soft, but I figured that if I shaped it into a log and refrigerated it, I could cut off slices easily enough after the butter set up. That worked out. In fact the cookies looked like cookies, and even puffed up a little on baking, although they browned too quickly, way too quickly. I had to take them out after about 12 minutes at 350° and while the edges were brown, the rest of the cookie was underdone. I could move them after cooling and hold them to eat, but they were way too soft for a shortbread, which is one of my favorite cookies. Worse, they just had no body or depth of flavor and they left a gritty nut residue all over my mouth. I also felt there was an aftertaste, maybe from the agave?

I’m sorry (for myself), but that’s not a cookie. A substitute for a cookie is not a cookie. I’ll just have an apple, instead.