Tuna Casserole

Not to be confused with what your mother called “Tuna Fish and Noodles” made with a can of condensed soup.

I know I shouldn’t be turning the oven on so often in the summer, but sometimes it’s just nice to throw everything in one dish and into the oven, and then clean up before dinner is ready. This is one of my favorite casseroles for both texture and intense flavor—you can’t accuse the tuna of being bland, and if you add the right mushrooms, that adds a terrific meaty texture that you don’t get from the tuna. Surely someone out there has made a variation of this dish with fresh tuna, and while I’ve been tempted, I have yet to try it.

Tuna Casserole Ingredients

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Hot Dog Sauce

See the new, better version of this sauce here, but also note the correction below to the amount of water in the recipe.

Just before my granddaughter left yesterday, she finally found my teapot collection. In one corner of the shelves is a miniature cookbook called Tea Time, in which I had tucked this borrowed recipe for hot dog sauce distinctively flavored with cloves and nutmeg. For years, my husband raved about the hot dog sauce at The Majestic Bar and Grille in Greenville, PA that he swore was made with cinnamon. I knew he was wrong even before I had tasted it myself and that he was confusing cinnamon with cloves—he was just thinking of a generic pumpkin pie flavor, but misidentifying the spice. You can still get hot dogs with that locally famous sauce by traveling to Greenville or you can make this recipe that is pretty darned close. I think we got it from my sister-in-law, who got it when it might have been circulating, and you can tell that she jotted it down on what was handy.

I’m not actually making it today, so I don’t have a photo, but it will turn up some time this summer (see new photo in the recipe from late summer added 9/7).

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Smothered Cube Steaks

I’m beginning with this recipe for no other reason than that I made it last night. The pics are not that great, but I hope to do better later.

This recipe is a combination of a few you might know as Swiss Steak and Salisbury Steak, although the latter is supposed to be made with minced beef. Unlike most recipes for cube steaks, this recipe braises the meat in the oven until tender, which can take anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour. I don’t consider it to be a version of Chicken-Fried Steak because there is no breading with egg, just a flour dredge, and no white gravy at the end. Still, it might have gone by that name in your house. Continue reading “Smothered Cube Steaks”