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Holiday Break

I’m taking a break from cooking anything new for the blog until after the new year. I’m not even in the mood to bake cookies or quick breads. I’ll be cooking in someone else’s house, again, on Christmas, making the old ham and scalloped potatoes, and I’ll be home for the New Year’s dinner of pork shoulder, kielbasa, and sauerkraut—plus the custard pies. After the new year, I’ll be back with more recipes, new or old, and many with all the game we have acquired this fall and winter. I killed a deer in October with my muzzleloader for the second year in a row, and Ted and Missy have been out for pheasant and grouse (the snow pics are from today). The extra freezer is filling up with game, as you can see below, and I look forward to coming up with a few new pheasant recipes. I was actually able to find unsweetened dried cherries in town, so venison stew will be showing up again soon.

Enjoy your holidays; if you don’t enjoy them, don’t worry, they will be over soon.


A New Season of Game Recipes

A peek at some of what’s to come.

  • Missy flushed out some pheasants last week and my husband obliged her expertise by not missing them.
  • This morning I killed a button buck in the Pennsylvania antlerless muzzleloader season. You can’t tell by the photo, but it rained all morning and my coat and pants and hair are waterlogged.
  • Thursday, Missy is going looking for grouse, but they are harder to shoot than pheasant.
  • A friend gave us some perch that are in the freezer and I am already planning some fish tacos with those.