Korean-Style Pork Wraps

This recipe is adapted from Emeril Lagasse’s “Korean-Style Pork Wraps with Chili Sauce” from 2006. I don’t make it as often as my husband would like, but I guess that keeps it special. It isn’t hard to make, but you do have to make both a marinade and a chili sauce, and the lettuce leaves are a pain to deal with. I suggest making both the marinade and sauce in advance, so you’re not trying to do all the chopping and measuring and mixing right before dinnertime. It also helps if you have a rice cooker. If you work it out right, you could throw this together after a day of working, because the actual cooking time is brief—like 5 minutes! Could you marinate the pork tenderloin the night before or in the morning? I don’t see why not.

pork wraps

Before pork tenderloins got into the public consciousness, they weren’t easy to find, but when you did find them, they were well trimmed. Now that they are everywhere, butchers stopped trimming them as well, so you need to do a little trimming of your own, which adds time to your preparation. Watch this quick video on how to trim the tenderloin.

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