Changing Directions

I can’t eat a lot of the food in this blog anymore. I’ve had type 2 diabetes for over twenty years, which I controlled with diet alone for over ten years, then adding a few drugs that still allowed me to eat a wide variety of foods. But things change with age and I have to be more careful about everything. I recently started using a glucose sensor which gives me a great view into what foods are problems for me. Sugar, obviously; white flour; white rice; some fruits, etc. My A1C is below 6 now and that’s better than pizza.

So, I’m thinking of rewriting some posts and making some new ones that are more reflective of what I eat today. I’ll still leave the old ones up (for posterity), but try to move in a new direction.

My husband, on the other hand, eats everything and stays fit by walking miles a day. So there will be posts of food that I can’t eat that I still make for him, and some that I have changed for us both to eat.


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