Pork Dumplings–Yum 😋

I guess I waited a long time to try making dumplings, but you can’t find dumpling wrappers in this backward town. I finally ordered them from Amazon, which required express shipping because the post office can’t be trusted anymore (that was the explanation on the site!). I used Twin Marquis Shanghai style wrappers and they were very easy to use. I mostly followed this recipe on Food & Wine but without the shrimp: https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/pork-and-shrimp-dumplings

Although I have two steamers, one traditional bamboo and one insert in my slow cooker, I chose to cook them as potstickers. The recipe, with one pound of ground pork, made 43 dumplings. I froze 27 of them for future yummy eating.


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