New Electric Gadgets

I finally bought the newer version of the Aroma rice cooker, which has a lot more features and never burns the rice. We do have rice every week, and while I do know how to cook rice on the stove, I’m not opposed to making things easier. I’ve upped my rice game with the great Pride of India basmati rice—yummy 😋

I probably use a slow cooker every month or two and felt it was time for an upgrade. I’ve always had slow cookers with those heavy crocks, but this time I opted for something more modern, the Cuisinart multi-cooker/slow cooker with a lighter weight non-stick insert. The big advantage is that you can brown or simmer items right in the cooker before turning on the slow-cooker function. It saves using an extra stovetop pan, for example in my adaptation of Butter Chicken using pheasant.

One big advantage, pointed out by America’s Test Kitchen, is that the temperatures are accurate and don’t end up boiling the food, which always happened with my previous cookers. But if you’re used to looking in and seeing your food at a low, bubbling boil, you’ll have to trust that the food is actually cooking. It also comes with a rack for steaming, the third function. So far, I like it. I was really tired of the heavy crocks.


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