Best Butcher/Chef Videos: The Scott Rea Project

If you haven’t run across these videos on your own, check out The Scott Rea Project on YouTube. Whether you want to learn how to butcher a cow—well, that’s too big a job for my kitchen—or how to make a rack of hare, Rea’s channel is your video library:

Rea is easy to follow because he gives all the details and shows all the steps, taking his time so you can see what’s in store for you when you try it. It’s one of the places I went to learn how to debone a turkey a couple of years ago:

Sometimes he even takes you hunting first, as in this video on rabbit kebabs:

Rea takes the mystery out of how to tackle those meat butchering skills that will make you a more interesting cook, and I recommend the videos to you, even if you just want to be entertained.

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