For those who brag about never washing their cast iron . . .

I give you sticky, sugary, baked-on blueberries:


I’ve heard all the boasts about handed down cast iron that has never touched a drop of water, and frankly, it gives me the willies. I do suppose you could burn residue down to ash—maybe—but a little washing doesn’t hurt cast iron that is seasoned, whether you do it yourself or buy it that way, because it’s pretty much like non-stick cookware. Here’s what Lodge says about it:

I rarely have food that really sticks, because all my cast iron came pre-seasoned and I keep it seasoned, but sometimes I need the plastic scrubbing side of a sponge or a non-abrasive brush. I have used cooking oil to re-season after washing, but I kind of like the convenience of the Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner.

I washed and seasoned the griddle I used yesterday and the large skillet that held that blueberry mess, and they’re ready to go again. The blueberries were not really difficult to get off, but you definitely need more than a paper towel for something like that.


3 thoughts on “For those who brag about never washing their cast iron . . .

  1. Love cast iron cookware and I wash. Usually no dish soap is needed just hot water and a wipe or scrub. I’ll wipe it dry with a paper towel, re- oil with same paper towel and set it to completely dry it a hot oven for a few minutes, then turn the oven off and leave it in there till the next day or when it has cooled-whichever comes first ~

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    1. Oh, that sounds like a good process, and a good use of that oven heat. I’ve heard some people heat the cookware before re-oiling to make sure it’s completely dry

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