Leftover Pulled Pork for Two

It’s not a burden to have a big bowl of slow-cooker pulled pork left over, but sometimes it’s annoying to try to think of one way to fix it to please everyone, even when it’s just two people. So, we had it two ways to please everyone.

Ted had it on big soft Vienna rolls with barbecue sauce and a side of sugary baked beans. I offered to toast the rolls on the grill, but he declined.

For me, I grilled some eggplant for a side, and then made a grilled pulled pork and cheese sandwich. Here are the details for the sandwich:

  1. Slice two thick slices of ciabatta bread and brush one side of each slice with olive oil, the other with chimichurri sauce.
  2. Pile on the pulled pork and shredded Monterrey Jack cheese.
  3. I guess you could grill it right on the cooking grate, but I used a cast iron griddle. Toast and press down on the big sandwich until the bread is browned and the cheese is melting.


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