What is This?: Tales From the Freezer

I put freezer labels on the shopping list, because this happens too often. I put something in the freezer, thinking it’s not even possible I could forget what it is, and then one or two months later I’m furling my brow, sniffing, and tasting little frozen bits to try to determine “What the heck is this?”


I’m thinking it’s one of two things—hummus or pesto—yet neither seems right, because I usually cover those with a film of olive oil to protect them from any freezer burn and I don’t see that.

The color doesn’t help, being not the green of a pesto or the light brown of a hummus, but I’ve been known to fool around with those recipes. It looks a little red, so did I make a roasted tomato pesto or hummus? Did I use any of the peppers that came my way, poblano or Anaheim? Are those little whitish bits Parmesan cheese or chickpeas? If it is a kind of hummus, will I recognize the taste or texture of chickpeas when it thaws? I ate a small frozen bite, but the origins are not yet coming through.

I’m hoping it is something I can spread on a flour tortilla to wrap around the spicy, shredded beef I’m making.

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