Where Do You Read Blog Posts?

If you’re a WordPress.com blogger, you might be reading posts from all the other blogs you follow in the WordPress app, where they are conveniently updated and ready to read in a list. I admit that I read that way, too. Convenience is one thing, but all posts look the same, except for any images you have attached. I often get the feeling that I know you better if I see your actual site. You might have gone to a lot of trouble picking the right theme—or like me cycled through several themes that you think express both you and the purpose of your site. Heck, you might have even paid for the premium features of your own domain name, font and colors, and CSS control. You probably chose widgets that tell readers something more about you or link to interesting resources. All that is missed if you only read in the reader.

But did you notice the “visit” link below the reader snippet of a post? That’s a link to the post on your site. I visit those frequently to see your posts in context, to see a little more about you. I’ve found it interesting to see your background images and widget info, and sometimes to see that you are using a theme I’m familiar with. Well, this all brings me to say that “Hey! I changed my theme the other day.” I switched from a theme I paid for long ago (Bromley) to a new free theme, Dyad. So, I’m inviting you to “visit” soon and to visit the sites of your other friends to see what their blog design says about them.

Now I just need to find a good featured image for this post. I guess it should just be my blog profile icon.


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