Turkey Practice with a Chicken

So, as you read in the previous post, I’m going to try to debone a turkey for Thanksgiving, and it seemed a little nuts to go into it with no experience, so, today, I tried it on a 5.5 lb chicken, which is giving us a nice roast chicken roll for dinner.

i used the boning method that begins at the backbone, mostly because I like the way it leaves the breast meat in the center of the skin. It worked pretty much as the video example showed, except that the chicken is so much smaller than a turkey so it’s easier to make a mistake. I managed to keep the skin in one piece, to remove the carcass and leg bones, but I think my leg and thigh meat was not so neat. What does that matter in a roll, though?

The finished roll, with a little homemade stuffing, was beautiful and delicious. The dark meat end did fall apart a little on slicing, but all in all it was a great hit and not too hard to do. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving.


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