New Gadget: Lodge 7 Qt Dutch Oven

Got a new toy for the grill today, the Lodge® 7 quart dutch oven. It’s big at 12″ across and at least 4 1/2″ deep inside, but it’s the one that fits the center opening in the Weber® Gourmet BBQ cooking grate, and it will allow me to do some braising and slow roasting on the grill. It will also be a great pot for chili, both on the grill and in the kitchen. The pot sits down into the center ring opening, stopping about an inch from the charcoal grate. Clearly, the only way to arrange the charcoal will be in a ring around the sides of the grate. A smaller pot could sit on top of the cooking grate or even down on the charcoal grate, surrounded by coals, but first I wanted one to fit into that grill opening. If it proves too big to use often, then maybe I need a second, smaller one. Sounds like I might be on the road to having a stash of Lodge pots and pans.

Weber® used to make such a covered pot for this system, but it appears to only be available overseas now. It looks in the images I’ve seen like it might not be as deep as the Lodge dutch oven. Too bad that it’s not available here anymore, but the Lodge seems like a good alternative.


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