Can You Grill Too Many Burgers in the Summer?

No. Maybe.

We eat a lot of burgers since we bought this grill, mostly because a grilled burger is both darned good and darned easy. I try to liven up those meals by grilling a variety of veggies at the same time—peppers, onions, potatoes, summer squash, and today some eggplant. Sometimes I put the veggies on the burgers and sometimes serve them as a side, but either way, they elevate what could turn into a ho-hum summer meal into something special.

I make the burgers as soon as I get home from the grocery store with the ground beef, weighing the burgers at 1/3 lb,  placing the patties between slips of parchment paper, then wrapping in foil for freezing. It’s nice to have a stack of those packages on hand when you need a quick meal, although I do have to think of it in time to thaw them. Grilling frozen burgers? Not good. Don’t tell anyone, but I thaw them on the counter in their foil wrapper, and in our air conditioning, they are still cold by dinner time. If I have any inkling that they will be out too long, I put them in the fridge and bring them up to room temperature to cook.

There really isn’t a recipe here, just pics of prepping and grilling.

Author: Barbara

I have a PhD in American Literature, taught in higher education for over twenty years, and directed two Centers for Instructional Technology before retiring.


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