And then you can’t taste anything

Since my last post, I haven’t been in the kitchen, but I’m expecting to get back in soon, whenever this sinus infection clears up and I can begin to taste again. Anything I have been eating has had to have texture to entertain me or soothe my sore throat. Bananas, yogurt, and cups of Better Then Bouillon® Chicken Base are the things that are the most soothing. I can’t say enough how tasty that chicken base is (when I can taste), and it’s not salty, like bouillon cubes—actually, I just had this conversation with the woman behind me at the grocery a few minutes ago who saw the jar and had to comment on how great it is. Okay, that commercial’s over.

The other interesting texture is crunch. I’ve been satisfying that with Simply Smart® chicken tenders and the old reliable Ore-Ida Tater Tots®.

Can’t smell, can’t taste, but texture helps me imagine a little. I’m pretty sure the next post will be a recipe for my mother’s “Hamburger Stew,” but not until I know I can taste it.


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